Yoga Through a Photographic Lens

Today’s Instagram powered society calls for photographs that show us in pretty (and pretty tangled) poses with usually breathtaking backgrounds. Though I believe that what we mostly see is only a fraction of the truth going on in the lives of those who post. I might be wrong for some, but we all definitely hold the reins to manipulate what and who sees the things we post. Regardless of my dubious feelings, I too like to look glammed up for those posts worthy of a million likes. Here are a few simple ways how to do so easily and utterly solo.

Selfies and timers or remote controls have long made our posting game easier. All we have to do is find a suitable background, get into the pose and snap. Some Canadian also invented a selfie stick that seems to vary in popularity, but definitely, serves its purpose. It, however, might be a little clumsy to use while attempting to do a yoga pose. In choosing any of these, my preference goes to the remote control. One thing I like to apply to my photos is the rule of thirds, which is a technique that makes photos more balanced and interesting. The background comes to light, while the object is still prominent and well-positioned onto the sight of the viewer. In Western culture, we are actually more prone to look at the left side of photos because that is the side we are reading from. But those are subtle nuances that everyone can eventually pick up on from seeing who reacts best to different posts.

I also find that prior to venturing out to any site where I want my photos to be taken, I perform best if I make a good research of the place and go there with a plan in mind of what I wish to achieve. Though from time to time I don’t mind spontaneous wanderings, I never regret investing the time in planning out my expeditions. If nothing else, it gives depth to what I’m adding to the caption of a shot. Moreover, when posting in real-time is not my utmost priority, I like to take the extra time and edit the photos. I strive for consistency throughout the feed. I feel it is the only way to gain loyal followers. They know you mean business when you have a clear sense of direction and a polished portfolio.

A fun way of organizing a photoshoot trip is by taking friends along to your photographic adventures. They can snap photos of you and moreover bring out genuine reactions and add natural flow to the shots. Plus, they probably already know what are you up to and will so more willingly participate in your quest for the perfect snap.

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Another crafty solution to an Instagram worthy photo is by using mirrors and reflective surfaces to your advantage. They work great in indoor settings. Not only that they capture your pose, but moreover, reflect light which makes the photo normally brighter. Taking photos ultimately is an art, and so is your yoga project. Combining the two, you might hold a winning situation in your hands.

Speaking of art, you could also consider snapping a few shots from your own upside down (or whatever else) perspective. There are always more angles to every object, and sometimes, a breath of fresh air comes from changing the view. Even shadows are a great way to get a glimpse of something. Maybe you’re foreshadowing an announcement you’re having set up for your followers. I love everything that has to do with the (word) play, puns, and riddles of any kind. Not everyone might catch up with you, but those who do will appreciate your efforts.

In anything you do, be unique but also stay true to who you are. The easiest way to do so is by focusing on what you’re naturally drawn to and by paying attention to detail. Nowadays, a couple more photos might bring you the money shot you went after.

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