Yoga Jewelry Trends That Won’t Get In the Way of Your Practice!

The dedicated yogi fashionista needs accessory options that are both stylish and practical. There’s nothing worse than getting knocked in the tooth by a long necklace during forward fold. However, for many people, jewelry is an essential part of self-expression, and therefore, would be silly to get rid of completely. Here are some jewelry options that will keep you looking good without sacrificing your yoga practice:

Rings. Recently, lots of yogis have been picking up mood rings. Big rocks and unfinished stones are also in, as they can help channel certain energies that an individual desires. Whatever your ring style is, there are few do’s and don’ts that will keep you safe during your yoga practice.

DO: Try a simple band with no stone at all. This way, if it rotates on your finger during practice, you won’t even notice.

DO: Try a ring that is fitted to fit between your knuckle and fingertip. These are super stylish at the moment, and they are also practical as they won’t bump into your other fingers.

DON’T: Don’t wear a ring that is already snug at your resting heartrate. During a challenging yoga session or any physical activity, it is natural for our fingers and hands to swell a bit from a rise in body temperature and the rapid pumping of blood throughout our system. This can make a snug ring transform into a painfully suffocating ring during a session.

DON’T: Don’t wear a ring that has a large or sharp setting. Rings can often spin around the finger during an active practice, making poses like the downward dog or the plank super painful if the rock is beneath the finger.

Necklaces. Another very popular trend at the moment are long necklaces. Try and save these for outside the studio, as they can become tangled distractions during a yoga session. If you simply can’t go without a necklace in your wardrobe, try these do’s and don’ts next time you head to the yoga studio.

DO: Try wearing a choker. Designed to fit comfortably snug around the neck, chokers have made a huge comeback in the past year.

DO: Opt for a thread, cloth, or hemp necklace instead of a metal chain. This makes all the difference when your necklace comes swinging at your face during a forward fold. You can even put a braid in it for extra style.

DON’T: Don’t wear a long necklace with a heavy pendant on it. This can stress your neck and become dangerous during inverted poses. If a pendant or jewel is super significant to you and you feel uncomfortable in its absence, try switching it to a very short chain or choker. Also, try weaving it into a braided hemp band, so there is no risk of it becoming a swinging weapon.

Bracelets. Almost anything goes here. But still, there are a few reminders.

DO: Be sure it fits snug—loose gaps can slip and become tangled.

As always, follow your heart and wear what works best for you!

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