One of the most frequent medical problems all over the world is lower back pain. Pain can affect any individual, at any age, irrespective of the eating habits, weight or lifestyle. Although low back pains are generally easy to treat, it is one of the most infuriating problems for both doctors and patients. The beginning of a solution to any health issue is to recognize the cause and effect of the health issue on the body. Unlike other health issues, in pain, nothing is completely damaged, and there is usually no primary condition causing pain. Hence, nothing shows up in test results. Therefore, both general medical professionals and patients cannot establish the treatment at once. Just as the famous saying, there is no ‘magic bullet’ to treat back pain.

In the past, general physicians would refer patients to a surgeon to treat back pain. Increasingly, doctors are now starting to acknowledge the great benefits of yoga. Yoga not only reduces back pain, but it also gives patients the strength to take care of it in an easier way. So, if you are having back pain – take it to the yoga mat. Before doing so, discuss with your doctor. Yoga establishes a balance between the strength and flexibility of the body’s muscle. Imbalance of strength and flexibility is usually the root cause of back pain. Yoga can assist you in strengthening your weak abs which contribute to back pain. Pranayama is the breathing technique in yoga, which performs wonders in improving physical and mental performance. Hence it reduces stress, which is one of the major culprits of back pain.

It is also important that all the tissues in the body regularly move to ensure effective functioning. Yoga improves circulation in the spinal discs. It pushes out stale fluids and brings in new disk fluid, which brings in vital nutrients. Many benefits could be derived from a disciplined yoga practice, many resulting from improvements in the general circulatory function. There are also some particular yoga exercises known as Inversions which are specially developed to improve the strength of the upper body and the general stamina of the body.

Wrong posture while standing, sitting or sleeping is also generally considered a common cause of back pain. Consistent practice of yoga makes one aware of his or her posture.


If you’re experiencing lower back pain symptoms, the following are the few precautions you must take:

  • Avoid lifting heavy objects or weight. 
  • Always bend down on your knees to pick up things. 
  • Maintain a proper posture while standing, working, reading, sitting, etc. 
  • Ensure your back is kept straight all the time. 
  • Apply hot water fomentation to alleviate spasms and massage the area with any herbal pain relieving balm.

Our bodies usually develop conditions like back pain, to signal the need for us to stay away from the stress of our everyday lives. There are numerous yoga centers you can visit during your vacation for yoga practices to relieve your back pain.

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