Practices That Help You Better Connect with Your Intuition

Intuition can be a tricky thing to connect to, and with constant information available at our fingertips at all times and other peoples’ opinions given freely and without asking most of the time, it can be hard to trust what is your voice and gut instinct and what is another’s. So how do we learn to connect better and strengthen our intuition so that we can begin to make decisions and move in the trajectory of our true self and our highest desires and dreams?

1. Meditation: The first step in connecting more with your intuition and beginning to tune into what is your own voice and desires is to spend time alone in contemplation. Meditation is a wonderful practice to spend good quality time with yourself, quieting down and connecting to breathe, so that you can begin to tune in. When you first begin to meditate it may be quite challenging and you may still hear other’s voices and opinions muddling out your own. But as you begin to make meditation a daily practice and truly carve out time each day to sit with yourself and connect deeply within, you will start to find more ease in quieting the noise of any other and truly beginning to know yourself, your own thoughts, and what it is that you want. 

2. Yoga: Finding and connecting to your intuition may be easier once you’ve connected to your breath and your body through yoga. You might find a studio and classes that you like and begin a yoga practice, or if you already have a consistent practice, you may try flowing on your own more often to begin to tune into your body’s wants, essentially connected to your intuition on a more physical level. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced practitioner, let yourself move in a way that would serve your body the most in that day, in that hour, staying present and trusting yourself, trusting your intuition. 

3. Journaling: Journaling can be a great practice to get more clear on your own thoughts by having a space to let them freely flow. You may be surprised what starts to come out as you begin to write with no holding back, simply allowing yourself to express current troubles, desires, or intentions. Trust in what comes up for you and know that your intuition will lead the way for you. 

4. Tarot or Oracle Cards: Reading for yourself daily or weekly with tarot or oracle cards can be a great practice for beginning to trust yourself, your own instincts, and your intuition. If you don’t have a deck already, begin by choosing one that speaks to you entirely and that you are drawn to without overthinking the process. It is your first step in building a relationship with the cards and the trust in yourself. Follow your gut when it comes to reading for yourself and keep an open mind as you explore the magic of the cards and reading for yourself. 

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