How to Get Your Kids Loving Yoga


Yoga has transformed my life in a multitude of ways, and I know that all over the world, people feel the same way. I only wish that I had found the practice earlier and that it had been introduced to me when I was a child so that I could have used its transformative powers and tools to move me along my path with more ease and awareness. If you have kids, work with kids, or have nieces and nephews or younger cousins and want to introduce them to yoga, these tools will help you to introduce the practice and qualities of yoga to them in a way that will keep them interested and intrigued so that they too can begin to welcome yoga into their lives. 

-Lead By Example: The best way that we can teach kids is by being a good example and merely being around them, living our life and our yoga and letting them soak it up and be interested in their own way. Start by just practicing yoga around them. Most kids will become involved in their own time in what you are doing and begin to ask questions or want to learn and practice with you. Just roll your mat out near them as they are playing with their toys or watching tv and practice some poses, letting them come to you so that it is their idea to become interested in yoga and the practice, rather than us trying to force something on them. 

-Slowly Integrate And Teach Them Poses: Once they have an interest in the practice, you can begin to gradually teach them some of the poses or the history behind yoga or anything that they may be asking you about. Maybe you start by just getting them their own mat, or letting them play on yours and teaching them a few simple poses. Let them begin to explore their body, their breath, and their balance and let it be fun and free for them so that they know that yoga is something they can come back to and learn as they go. 

-Kid’s Youtube Yoga Videos: There are so many great free resources for yoga on the internet, and kid’s yoga is no exception to that. Search Youtube for great full-length yoga classes that are made specifically for kids and allow them to practice either with the video alone or with you, playing with funny pose names and shapes. There are also plenty of kid’s yoga games on the internet that can be fun to incorporate into playtime. 

-Find Local Kid’s Yoga Classes: Most local studios are beginning to offer yoga classes to children who want to explore the practice. Kids can feel free to play around with postures and learn more about themselves and yoga as a whole. 

-Start To Incorporate It Into Your Daily Routine: Kids do well with routine and by beginning to add even just a few minutes of yoga or meditation into your daily routine with your children it can really cement their interest and love for the practice. Try adding in five to ten minutes of movement and yoga play each morning, or a few calming yoga poses and breathwork before bed to help your children calm down and settle into sleep with ease.

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