Are Cutouts a Good Fashion Trend for your Yoga Outfit

In addition to all the colorful shapes and patterns found on the shelves of yoga leggings everywhere, apparel manufacturers are now coming up with a new trend to keep yogis interested in their offerings – cutouts. Fun patterns or bold colors just can’t keep up with the unique style of yoga pants and shirts that feature cutouts. If you are looking to make a bold statement with your yoga wear, opting for cutout yoga clothing may be just the right addition to your wardrobe.

The severity of a cutout can vary just as drastically as the styles themselves. Many of the popular options are found on yoga leggings, which feature a snug fit that lends itself well to the pattern. A cutout may be found on the waistband of high-waist capri leggings or across the thigh area. Another common style shows a little skin down the side of the legging, similar to having a slit in a long evening gown.

In order to decide if cutouts are going to be a great go-to for your next yoga ensemble, you need to decide what style is right for you. Some cutouts are covered with mesh or other breathable fabric that doesn’t actually allow the skin to be seen. Those who are a little more hesitant and self-conscious could benefit a lot from this type of cutout clothing.

Others have large sections missing where skin will actually be visible, usually covered by stylish strappy patterns. Confident yogis who don’t mind showing a little skin may prefer this option.

Both patterns and styles offer a significant benefit for yogis who have heat-building practices or who prefer hot yoga classes. The removal of extra fabric or substituting the spandex for something even more breathable can help to keep the body cooler during your yoga practice. This is a great way to become more comfortable and move deeper into your practice.

Yoga tops can sometimes offer similar shapes and cutouts to those seen in yoga leggings. You may find a strappy pattern across the back of a workout top, down the sides, or even in the chest area. Workout tops with cutouts can be more difficult to incorporate into your yoga wardrobe than leggings.

Women need to be particularly cautious about wearing a workout top with a chest cutout. It may reveal a lot of cleavage that could be distracting during a yoga class. Seeing too much cleavage can lead to unwanted exposure during inversions, forward folds, and throughout your practice. Be sure to wear a sports bra with plenty of coverage if you purchase this type of workout top.

Cutouts along the back of the shirt offer a much easier method of incorporating this style into your wardrobe.

Adding a different style into your yoga wardrobe is a great way to keep cooler during a rigorous practice. Be sure to try on any pieces you may be considering before you buy them to make sure you’ll feel comfortable and confident when you step on the yoga mat.

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